Catheter and Colostomy prescription fulfillment and in-home aid services.

We strive to provide our customers with the professional and discreet care we all deserve while delivering only cutting edge products for maximum comfortability and reliability.  Products for infants, adolescents, women and men.

Medicath provides only quality catheters, kits and colostomy products from leading manufacturers  such as BARD and Coloplast.

We offer free samples of the newest and most innovative items to help find which works best for you and your lifestyle.
If you are in Mobile or Baldwin county Alabama or the Pensacola area, Medicath provides our patients with a no cost in-home visit from one of our staff nureses. If you have a new prescription or lookng to change providers, please contact us  for more information and to schedule a visit.

Clinical studies have shown that hydrophilic catheters can reduce the risk of urinary tract infections and urethral damage.

Hydrophilic catheters have a specially coated surface that binds water, making them extremely slippery when hydrated. No lubricating gel is needed.

Hydrophilic catheter usage is associated with reduced numbers of treated UTIs as compared with standard non-hydrophilic catheters*