1. Wash your hands before catheterization.
2. Break the water sachet by using one of the illustrated methods:
a. by folding and squeezing (make sure not to fold over more than half the length of the water
sachet to avoid water going the wrong way).
b. by placing your index finger on the water sachet, approximately half way down. Then use your
thumb to fold the sachet around your index finger and squeeze.
Then let the water run down into the package.
3. You can stick the package onto any dry surface using the self-adhesive tape on the package.
4. Make sure that the catheter is soaked in water for at least 15 seconds, and get ready for
5. Open the package by peeling the tabs on the connector side.
6. Connect the catheter to the urine collection bag before removing the catheter from the package.
7. (a) By using the blue removable slider for non-touch technique to hold on to, you can perform
catheterization conveniently without ever touching the catheter (b). If needed, the removable slider can
be removed before or during catheterization
Use the insertion supplies (gloves, under pad and antiseptic pad) as instructed by your physician or

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